Monday, November 29, 2010

what men want

I received a question  from "7ayrana" in an email . She seems to be confused and going through a lot of doubt as to what is happening in the dating scene .
Her question is : What do men  want ?

Dear 7ayrana
Be 7ayrana no more.
I have one word for you "S - E - X". That's the  answer, very simple . No matter what a guy says he wants or thinks he wants, in reality he just wants one thing.


  1. That is not what a woman wants from dating.she does not know a man to have sex.

  2. While we all have needs and sex is one of them, however, men do not usually seek a guy in theri lifes for the purpose of just having sex.
    WOmen want love, kindness, someone who listens, compassion, sex, loyalty and lots of other things.
    Men almost always just want sex.
    Remember, we are not talking about men in general , we are talking about the men who register on dating sites.

  3. WTFDating. yeah i totally agree ;)

  4. I am happy to hear a man agreeing to the fact :P

  5. ...And whats wrong with having sex if both want so??
    I'm a guy who is not looking MAINLY for sex using online dating, but guess what?....most relations ended on bed!...Attraction, my dear...thats the key,why to ignore/resist?...
    I guess you agree dating sites are not the best place to get a perfect husband/wife,Why you girls are using then?

  6. thats so sexist. i'm a guy, and no i don't want sex at all when i'm dating.
    infact, i don't even bring up the subject unless my date does.

  7. True, men want sex; women want sex AND money....

  8. You know you are probably right on men wanting sex. But, that is really to bad that you think that is all they want. Some just want to be with a lady that does not want his money all of the time......

    1. I dont know if the man who wants to be with a lady just coz she is fun or caring do exist. I do not have anything against sex as long as this is not what a relationship or a date boils down to.