Wednesday, November 24, 2010


Ok this is an email exchange between me and Mr.Dater
His email "salam alaikum sister, are you met7ajba?" (Peace upon you sister, are you veiled)
My email "Thank you for writing, no I am not Met7ajba and i am not interested in your profile" ( I am not wearing a headscarf and i am not interested in your profile)
His email " Ra7 albsech Niqab, tegh6een wayhech"( I would make you wear a full cover up with a whole  face cover )
My email "No  you wont. I am not interested in you at all"
His reply "entai ray7a jahanam" (you are going to hell)
My reply "thank you for the info, but  you dont get to decide who goes where "

Moral of email exchange : Mr.Dater AKA BuWahab has a list of people going to hell, in case any of you out there want to  find out where your final destination is .

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