Tuesday, November 23, 2010

H & K

I praise myself,  I can find almost anything online. It is a  lot of work sometimes but with the help of friends like Google, life gets much easier.
I google everyone & everything. WOuld you be surprised if i said i google phone numbers?  weird , right ?
Mr.Dater sends me an email. My name is H and i am a pilot in Kuwait airways . I have no time to waste, this is my phone number to contact me much easier. I travel all the time (a pilot,of course you travel) . Call me.
Me being the bitchy person that I am and the untrusting pessimist, googled the number.
Results were amazing. I was so proud of myself.  H , isnt a H after all, he is a K, and he works (supposedly) in an oil company. Now, how did i know that ? He has posted comments with his name /phone number on a "adult" dating site. You would say, of course, who wants to comment on pornography with their real name, right? He had also created a profile on a  Business Social Networking site , and his number and the K name  which is the real name. Of course. i just couldn't keep my mouth shut, i am so proud of myself, i  tell Mr.dater 'why would someone lie about their first name'. Mr. Dater 'the internet is full of freaks like you, They go around googling peoples phone numbers'

Moral  of this dating experience: Men lie. Men get caught. Men think we are dumb. I am a freak.
Freak or no freak, you lie to me , you get caught.


  1. I was on an online dating site once and a guy wrote to me - using his full name and work domain name. He sat 2 rows over from me in the bullpen!!! He had himself listed as single and handsome. He was already married to 2 women and everyone in our office knew he was looking for a rich #3 to support the others! these guys are retarded.

  2. Desert Girl,
    Its amazing what we encounter in the dating world. I dont know if all that happens to us only happens in Kuwait or is it a worldwide thing ?
    I have actually received an email from someone who wants a Sugar Mama . Men. Grrrrrr.