Friday, December 3, 2010

Microsoft Office Excel Dating

This is a true story. All the incidents or things i write here are, but this is just so shocking to me, that i had to remind you all that this actually did happen. I was told the events after the dating period between the couple ended.

 Nancy  and Barney (Not real names) worked together at the same company , she is an engineer and he is a financial controller , they come from  different Arab countries  and work in an international Oil company .
Anyway things did not work out after few months and they broke up. So, Barney came to Nancy's office after the break up with an excel sheet. He told her they have some matters to settle.
The excel sheet was an accounting  sheet of all the money they had  spent in cafes and restaurants during all the time they dated. They had somehow come to this policy where each one of them pays one time. So   Barney pays today at Sakura, Nancy pays tomorrow at Applebees, the next time Barney pays at Mais Al Ghanim the time after  Nancy pays  at  Le Notre.
Good policy or bad policy , i cant really  tell .  With all the talk  of women's equality, maybe it is justified that a highly paid woman should pay her  share in whatever food she is consuming while she is dating,  God knows. This is not the shocking part.
 Back to Barney and Nancy, so he is at her office with this Excel sheet that  registers every penny they spent while dining out together or going for coffee. He thinks there are few discrepancies that needed to be settled.
He says " see the highlighted fields, these times i paid more than what you paid on the following date, therefore, there are discrepancies that occurred. The amount you owe me due to the difference is KD 137. This copy is for your reference, Please arrange for payment" .
No comment needed .


  1. hahaha.. im not shocked! some ppl are just born cheap and they are proud of it :)

  2. maybe low is the right word not cheap!

  3. This is shocking to say the least, and why did she in the first place agree to date someone like this ? A man is a man , if he cant afford to take his lady out for dinner then he should not ask her out .

  4. I would charge him per hour for the time i spent with this moron.

  5. Anonymous 1

    Ha????...What does this has to do with """A man is a man""???
    I 'd say a JERK is a JERK, whether he/she can afford to take his/her date out for a dinner or not!!!!!

    I think we need to hear the other part of the story...From the MAN..

    WTFDating mentioned many times how much it feels good for "payback"...or maybe its another "revenge is best dish to be served Cold" case.... ;)


  6. What is shocking in this story the fact that this idiot was busy keeping account of spending while having nice time with a lady! Jerk...but women often surprise me with their choice of men we men wouldn't even consider talking to!