Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Symmetrical dating

Symmetry (the definition is from  Merriam Webster Dictionary )

balanced proportions; also : beauty of form arising from balanced proportions or having similarity in size, shape, and relative position of corresponding parts.When two halves of an object are mirror images of each other.

So,  I had been chatting back and forth with Mr. H for few weeks. Mr. H is  divorced, 44, has a good sense of humor and so far he  has not asked for a "web cam" viewing or any  of those things that make me want to block him.
At some point we exchanged  mobile numbers, spoke on the phone one time and mainly stayed in touch via emails/chats. Perfect . No phone stalking.
We decided to meet for coffee .We chatted on the messenger right before we were gonna meet . Mr. Dater asked me what i was gonna wear. Maybe  he is particular about the dress code, didn't want to over dress or under dress . Told him i was wearing a jeans and a T-shirt. He asked me about the colour . "black Tshirt " i said.
Mr. Dater showed in  Dark Blue Jeans and a black linen shirt that looked very neat. He looked like he stepped out of a photo shoot for the summer line of  one of the casual designers. Cool. had a good time, chatting about  the usual things, nothing too personal .
Few days Later , we agreed on meeting again. Right before i was getting ready to get dressed he came on the messenger and asked me "what are you gonna wear ?". I had not thought that far yet, had to decide  that very minute coz he HAD to know. "jeans and a printed floral t-shirt." I said. There was  no typing on the other end, then my phone rang. H was calling. "would you please  wear a solid colour ?, I think solid colours  would look better on you". Wow, a man who knows about what to wear and what looks good. OK , i can live with that. SO be it. I  told him i will wear a green  blouse and black pants.
We met  at the cafe , he walked in wearing  jet black jeans and a green polo shirt. The man looks good in any colour, i was thinking to myself.
A couple of days later , i was having coffee with my best friend . H called me and asked me if  he can have coffee with us ,I said OK . He  said he was going to come  in  half an hour he just needs to change quickly and come over. "what are you wearing ?" he asked , "jeans and a  purple shirt" i said.
After i hung up, my friend asked ' why is he asking what are you wearing ?" Good question . I have no answer.
He showed up  in time, dressed in washed jeans and this  very dark purple   linen shirt ,sleeves rolled up. Damn, this dude knows  how to dress.
We had a great time. He stayed for  half an hour then left .My  friend  and I sat there chatting.
My friend said "He wears the same colours that you wear, that's why he asks you what are you wearing".
Mmm, i hadn't  really figured  that out till that point. Its kind of cute in a way but also creepy.
A couple of more dates over coffee went exactly the same way. Me, being me, i just couldn't   not mention it.
Sipping coffee on  our last date ,  i said to him " Its amazing how you always come wearing the same colours like i am '.  Mr. H  gave me this huge smile and said " Symmetry is  the way  for a perfect life".

Symmetry, not for me . I go with Chaos wholeheartedly.
No symmetrical dating for me.


  1. PLZ dont tell thats cute... that sooooo PATHETIC :)