Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Cinderella is just a foot away

For those who don't know what is a foot fetish ; its  is an obsession or a fascination with feet / shoes in a erotic way.
Feet lovers are more than we all think. They are in love with feet in a very devoted manner. How do   I know ? take a guess.
Mr. Dater emailed me. Usually people ask, are you living alone ?  Do you have family ? what are  you looking for ? some ask different questions, but all along these boring old fashioned questions.
Mr. Dater's first email said ' what size is your feet? ' . Me , being the naive silly romantic girl thought, OMG, this is Cinderella fairy tale all  over again. My prince is has my crystal slipper.Wait, i am not missing my crystal slipper, as a matter of fact , i don't even have one.
I had to reply to the email., wouldn't you ? so i replied  , giving my shoe size (anxiously waiting). The next email was , "How many pairs do you have ? ". OK , so this  prince is really into shoes, so i replied back "i have never counted them but maybe around 30 pairs".
Waiting for the next email from Price Dater , i had different thoughts but nothing prepared me for  what he said. "Can  I see a picture?"
Me, strict about sending pictures to strangers replied" I don't send my photos to strangers"
Mr. Dater "Oh, you misunderstood. I wanted photos of the shoes"
Duh., of course you did. 

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