Thursday, September 15, 2011

Dr. Who & Mr. Google.

So, back  to dating .
On this site , that has a name which implies "marriage" , i received an email from this seemingly  decent guy just asking me to email him back on his personal email. Back and forth with emails , we exchanged personal emails. He was a very straightforward guy, my  kind of guy.

SO, when we came to the point of exchanging phone numbers to actually talk, i asked him , is this Dr.T , your real name ? He said , no , my name is Dr. Q.

A very unsual name for this part of the world. Mmmm. My response was" is this really your name?", and he said don't you think if i wanted to lie,  i would at least come up with a name that matches my nationality ? Good argument. Valid point. I asked him if he was on Facebook or LinkedIn and he said he is not an 'online person' .

So, we spoke on the phone and Dr. Q was reluctant to give any personal information. I asked questions like , what kind of doctor are you ? Where did you study medicine? where  do you work ?All my questions were answered with one asnwer, i do not wish to give personal information. FINE.
This is what i cant understand, how do  you expect to know someone when you don't really say anything about yourself or give them a chance to find out who you are?

I can find anything on Google. I can  proudly say that Google is my best friend, and if  Google was a man, i would  be dating him. Anyway, so after a nice long talk with the mystery doctor, i went online and googled his unusual name first name and what do you know, Google saved the day.

Dr. Q who runs one of the major hospitals was in almost every newspaper. There were photos, press releases, newsletters, you name it, it was there on Google with his name and pic all over. I even found where he studied medicine, year of graduation and his classmates.

The next day Dr. Q called me , and me being the naiive person that i am , told him proudly that i did look him up online. "There is so much about you online on Google. So much for someone who doesn't really want to be known ". He was shocked and his response was that i should ask him before i google him. He was so upset that he accused me of invading his privacy and spying. My argument was i only googled two word , the country and your first name, thats hardly invading privacy.

As you can guess, we are not talking.

The moral of the story is : I can find anything on Google.


  1. You should have respected his privacy since you found nothing but good things about him on Google.

    You couldn't wait till he is comfortable enough to tell you about himself?

    I guess moral of the story should be;
    women can't wait to prove they're smart!!! :)


  2. The moral of the story: on line dating is like walking in the nude at public!

  3. Men should be shocked if women do not Google them.

  4. Trust, but verify. :) Tareq S by any chance?