Thursday, November 25, 2010

Do You live alone ?

From my favorite co-dater

Ku- wait-a-minute! dating

“Do you live alone?”

If you are a single and non-Kuwaiti  woman living in Kuwait, lots of men think that it is acceptable to go back to your place to date.  The #1 question I get asked is “Do you live alone?”  followed by, “why don’t we eat at your place instead?”  No…. because I don’t invite strangers to my home – ever.  And I don’t invite a lot of people that I know well, either.  If I’m ready, I’ll invite you.  If not, don’t ask.  The next step is to get the look of confusion/dismay.  I’m sure that they were all ready to come over and get right to business because (according to the twisted mentality) “it is okay in your culture.”    Emmmmm….. Says who?

The trick here is to flip it:  “Do you live alone?  Where do you live?  Oh, with your family?  What time should I be there for lunch/dinner?”   Nervous laughter from him usually ensues and dude usually says something like, “Uh, but you can’t.  I live with my family!”  So??  What makes you think it is okay to come to my home if I can’t go to yours?  But hey, if it is too much of a problem for you, I am ready for you to take me to a nice restaurant (without a cabina) now….


  1. Your blog is very interesting! I love it! Make a twitter for it soon!

  2. i think you should have said: "awww .. if only my family were here.. i would have invited you to my place for lunch... but im sorry i live alone... ur place??" :P

  3. You know Anonymous # 2 , i did that with a guy once, continue reading the blog. I will post the story.

  4. btw..anonymous 2 = its mohammed but before i log in

  5. Ah.. and there i was thinking i had two different readers :*
    Thanks for your comment. Feel free to share any dating stories from the opposite sex point of view.

  6. hahahahhah i find myself here....btw great blog