Friday, December 10, 2010

The Book Club

I was chatting back and forth with this 'seemingly ' intelligent and cultured guy. He was very well read and can carry conversation on many topics. Perfect.

 "I love reading, I have thousands of books on various topics. Do you like reading ?"  he asked me on the phone one time. I don't like reading and i cant pretend  so i said "honestly no, i  have the concentration spam of a gold fish , 3 seconds. By the time i read  two pages of any novel, i cant remember what had happened  on the first page", " i do read a lot of magazines and articles though" ( after all i don't want to be totally ignorant, do I ?) .
He said maybe one night we can go to the book club, it might be something to encourage you to read. The idea was not appealing to me, i know myself. I will never be able to read a book and sit in a room full of people to discuss it. I told Mr. Dater that maybe there are other things we could do together for a date, but maybe the book club is just not for me.
On one  evening, Mr. Dater called me and said he has a book that he wants me to read and that maybe we can 'discuss ' it after  I had read it. "please don't say no till you try reading it" he begged.
This is gonna turn into a situation here. "OK , fair enough, I will try reading ".
We met for coffee one evening, our first date, we spoke  about different things,  as usual. When it was time to leave , Mr.  Dater walked me to my car and said that he has something in his car for me and asked if I would wait for a  minute while he gets it.
I waited in excitement , wondering what it was. 
Mr. Dater came back with a rectangular shaped package wrapped in pink wrapping paper. Mmm , i was wondering what that is,maybe a book or a box of chocolate .
I opened the door to my car and he  asked me to open this when i reach home and he said maybe this will give us  something to do on our next date. I was thinking to myself  'its definitely chocolate ' or ' Maybe he really wants to do this book club thing and this is the book am supposed to read'
I went home, and unwrapped the package, not chocolate.  

The package had a  book. " The Complete Illustrated Kama Sutra ". A very subtle hint to what he had in mind for  our next date.


  1. Hahaha! That was a very subtle hint! Where do you find these guys!!

  2. LOL....Who wouldn't love a woman who does yoga???

    Kidding aside, that book is a piece of art, but only to be reaad as historical content!....

    Thumb up, "Book Club" guy!...that was STUPID, yet creative!


  3. thank god its not a box of condoms!!

  4. If it was the illustrated copy (which is not the original by the way), then you must have enjoyed the drawings; any excitement?