Saturday, November 27, 2010

Don't say a word

Meeting a stranger can be very stressful . You really don't know what to say and what not to say. There is this area of things that remain uncomfortable to talk about. For instance, i wouldn't ask someone how much money they are making , i wouldn't ask him is his car on installments or paid in cash. Financial issues are meant to be private and am sure even a man will agree with me.

That being said, men hate to be asked about their finances, its a "private matter". On the other hand , to men body matters are OK to talk about. Weird , huh?

Mr. Dater who had chatted with me back and forth, and managed  not to ask me to open the web cam (great, right ?). After few weeks of chatting on and off , he asked to meet up  for coffee.  We agreed on a time and a place. He came right on time, very impressive.

He walked right to where i was sitting as the place was empty and i given a good  description of how i look and what i will wear. He sat across the table , took off the sunshades.
Ready for the shock ? The first words that cam out of his mouth were " wow. great  ديود ". "what size  are they? They  are real , right?" . The only thing that he hadn't said is 'can i touch them?'

My jaw dropped. Seriously dude, is this your best dating behaviour? Your conversation starter?
I was still shocked, and he was still staring 12 CMS below my face. Finally ,  I had to tell him we are not talking  ديود talk. He started asking me about my life with his fixed on my ديود
Two  minutes later , i left the place.

The moral of the story : Men talk to boo*s, and will continue to do so because they haven't realised yet that boo*s don't talk. They still stare at them waiting for words  that will never be uttered. Unfortunately , Boo*s don't talk.
The world Boo* is not in its right spelling  as it is a profanity, so the blog isn't allowing me to write in proper spelling in English it. In case you were wondering :)
And if someone is wondering what is ديود , its   woman's breasts.


  1. hahahahaha LOOOL
    Probably he thought that's a complement.
    I totally disagree, boobs do talk silently, i.e. if it’s a push up or flat or regular..

  2. Another lesson to be learned here...

    You Ladies be very careful what you wear on 1st date!...


  3. Maybe the offcial dating outfit should be a highneck and baggie pants so we ensure Mr. Dater gets no distractions

  4. LOL..
    Remember you didn't like Mr. Dater wearing jogging pants ,a sweatshirt and flip flops.
    Give "him" the chance to "dislike" what you wear! ;)

  5. I officially now have an outfit for first dates . Blacky draggy baggy thingy that reveals absolutely nothing.