Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Grandma's dating

I couldn't have lunch without sharing this quick  email encounter with Mr.Dater of the day.
OK , i do have age standards, its written on my profile .Also  I am not in my 20s (nor in my 30s for that matter).
A guy emails me , age below 20, saying في مجال ؟ obliviously , am sane and sensible , so of course  مافي مجال
Moi, being the well mannered person that i am , replied and said No.
Mr. Dater emails me  back saying (لمعلوماتج انا عمري 18 و توني متزوج واحده عمرها 53 سنه متعه ) This is his way of convincing me, the sales pitch .
My thoughts , Arrest Grandma for being a child molester , arrest Mr. Dater for being a pervert.
Grandmas kindly refrain from seducing underage guys. They still take allowance from their daddies. If you are desperate for you know what, ask the  child for daddy's number !

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