Thursday, November 25, 2010

Flip the dress code

I don't know about you, but usually I like to  leave a good impression.
On my dates , i dress up (not the Kuwaiti style & I don't wear my fur coat  nor my ruffle silk dress either), i wear my favorite perfume , Wear make up (again not the Kuwaiti style). Simple but adequately elegant. So, I am meeting this guy for a  first date . Mr. Dater is a university professor , teaches Poetry (romantic, right? ).  There is something about men who recite poetry  that just captures my attention. It gives this impression of sophistication and intelligence.
Mr. Dater  says to me  while we are deciding on the when/where " I like women who are at ease, natural, No need to dress up and be elaborate . Simplicity is beauty'" . Now, what woman doesn't like hearing these words? Finally , a guy who is about internal beauty and character. The perfect man.
As usual, my date is over coffee. I am waiting for Mr. Dater who arrives right on time . Good job. Nothing  impresses me like a man who comes on time .
Mr. Dater is wearing what seems like jogging pants and a sweatshirt . Not an Adidas or  a Puma. Mr. Dater is wearing a PYJAMA ! the type that looks like a track suite.  To  go with that he is wearing flip flops.
WTF . 
The moral is , If a guy says don't dress up, he is coming in flip flops.

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