Thursday, November 25, 2010

The online dating dictionary

I know if you are reading this blog, then you do read and understand English. What you don't know, is that in the dating world , words and sentences mean something else, nothing is as it seems.

Questions and their meaning

Q Do you live alone  ?
Real meaning :  Will i be able to come and get laid .

Q How old are your children ?
Real meaning : Put them to sleep. I want tocome over &  get laid

Q Do you know how to cook?
Real meaning : Invite  me over b***** i want to get laid

Q What are you wearing now ? (asked  usually late at night)
Real meaning : say you wearing something sexy coz i want to get laid and your not letting me, i might as well fantasize.

Q Don't you get lonely living alone ?
Real meaning : Don't you want to get laid ?

Q you have been single all this time ?
Real meaning : Don't you want to get laid ?

Q R u romantic ?
Real meaning : are you a sex maniac or not ?

Q: Do you want to have dinner ?
Real meaning : Can i have dinner at your place and get laid ?

No matter what the question a man asks, the real meaning is almost always "can I get laid ?"
There are exceptions, very few rare men who don't ask these questions probably coz they just got laid .



  2. lol...and what about this one: Where do you live?

  3. That one means the guy is calculation how much time is it gonna be till he gets to ur place, and of course (get laid)

  4. What about when a man says to you Can i bring a friend on the date with me ? Do you think he wants to get laid ?

  5. He probably meant he either wanted a threesome or maybe some "swinging" ? Nothing spices up a relationship like innovative ideas :)