Sunday, December 5, 2010

Drama for Dummies

How  to spot a drama queen  or king  before reading the profile ?

Easy .Very simple. People with drama tendencies try and hide amongst  us, blend in . Of course a lot of them are so well disguised that  you will need time to spot them, however , some of  them   are so obvious.
Here are some examples of nicknames for some drama lovers . Names are copied from a popular Arabic  dating site.

SadMan  (very self explanatory)
BrokenHeart2008 (i guess the heart got broken 2008 and hasn't been fixed yet)
JulietHasAGun (A Juliet with a gun , ready to shoot )
LoveNomore (be warned , no love coming your way from this person
NoLove4Me (she is not looking for love, so i wonder what she is looking for )
MalekAlA7zan (king of sadness- This is Drama in the flesh )
Alam (pain)
QalbiYe3warni (my heart is aching - Probably in the rebound phase, be warned)
IcantBreathe (perhaps a  visit to the doctor is more appropriate than registering on a dating site ?)
DyingBird (I wonder if he is still alive now)
Osfoora7azina (Sad bird)
SaveMe  (from  yourself, perhaps ?)
Sha3erAlAlam  (the poet of sadness - In pain and a poet, look no further . Real drama here)
AlamAlLeel (the pains of the night- does that mean the mornings are pain free ? or does it mean that night has the ability to inflict pain ?)

If these people were not drama lovers, they surely have made a bad bad choice when they  picked up their nicknames.


  1. Juliet has a gun is a brand name , u should group it with the "gucci007" and "dior007" guys :P

  2. Thank you Anonymous for pointing this out:P.

  3. hai.. this is the first time i m reading ur blog. u r hilarious n great. keep it up !

    frm new fans

  4. Thank you for reading.Email me if you have any interesting dating stories you would like to share.