Monday, November 29, 2010

Louis Vuitton Purse

Mr. Dater and  Moi chatted back  & forth . So far , he seemed smart and interesting. He is divorced which qualifies him  for a date over coffee. You know the drill by now, if he is married, then he isn't a potential date.

Mr. Dater  has a wide range of interests, cars, Bikes, musics, movies, world issues and animal planet. .
Anyway, we meet up for coffee in the morning since we both weren't working that day. The cafe was almost empty and the weather was very nice we decided to sit on the tables outside.
here we are, across the table from each other , talking about life, work, family & movies. Time passed quickly and before we know it,  an hour had passed. Mr. Dater looked at his watch and i took that as a sign that means that he is either bored or has things to do and needs to make a move.
Just before i was about to say "shall we leave?', Mr. Dater says " I have always been curious about women's purses", "what do women keep in these big purses?" and his eyes stare at my relatively big purse.
Interesting topic, A lot of men do wonder about purses. Guys can fit everything they need in their pockets whereas women are cursed with carrying bags. So Obviously its not strange or weird for a guy to wonder and ask about purses. Its so big of a matter that Oprah made a whole episode on her show about what women carry in their  purses.
I said'  I obviously have my wallet, a perfume,  a small notepad and pen, tissue paper, a tiny make -up purse and chewing gum"
Nothing prepared me for the words that came out of his lips next .
Mr. Dater  said " You don't have condoms? Should we swing by a pharmacy & pick up some ? I never have unsafe sex".

Moral of the story: When something feels too good to be true, it is actually too good to be true.


  1. Shouldn't he be the one carrying that as long as he came with the intention of getting laid!

  2. He probably had one , and probably was saving it for the next date.