Friday, November 26, 2010

Am too sexy for my shirt

You know the song "Am too sexy for my shirt" right ? if not , Youtube it and  listen to it.

Mr. Dater who has an  Iranian  Family name common in Kuwait was  two years younger than myself . He is single ,  never been married ( that should have given me a hint , right ?) , works as a marine engineer. He Speaks fluent EEnglish which is great   because its really hard to date someone who doesn't speak English and goes (hah) every time  i use an English name.

We agreed to meet at a restaurant, although that's totally against my policy. I usually prefer starbucks for first dates, keep it short and sweet. Anyway, Mr. Dater insisted we meet at a Posh restaurant .
So here we are  sitting there across the table looking at  each other after we exchanged greetings. Mr. Dater says :"how do u like me ?" - " Am Very good looking aren't I ?" "I am probably the only Kuwaiti with deep green eyes" . The list of self complements went on and on and on. The dude is worse than a girl fishing for compliments on  prom night.
I am , as you know by now , a very well mannered person. I smiled as i listened to Mr. Dater talking about bow beautiful his long fingers, how  sexy his deep voice is, how his full lips are symmetrically shaped. In my head am going " WTF " .
The waiter come  to take our order and Mr. dater asked him to come back. Of course , who would want someone to interrupt them while going on a self praise prolonged session?
Finally after maybe 15 minutes of this self compliment session, he looked at me and said "Honestly , did you think i was this good looking ?" . I smiled,  what can i say ? Then he says " Did you think that someone like YOU could possibly  date someone like Me ? " .
Sitting at the receiving end of this stupid self praise monologue , i was thinking , I will not  just  grab my stuff and leave. Revenge is a must, even if  in a silly way.

So i give Mr, Dater my biggest smile ever, " Lets order shall we? I do want to know  more about you" .I forgot to mention that Mr. Dater doesn't eat chicken. I literally ordered half the menu, all chicken , all the way. I even ordered the dessert . I waited for the food to come. Finally , the food is here  & the waiter came and started bringing one dish after the other. I said 'Bring everything all at once, please".In few minutes,  the food was there on the table ,  food for probably 6 people.
I grabbed my purse and walked out.

Revenge  by over ordering was not bad at all . The bill was probably close to  80 KD almost all in chicken dishes that Mr. Dater wont be eating or taking away in take out packages.
As they say "Revenge is a dish better served cold" ,  cold  and in a variety of chicken dishes. 


  1. aaahhhahahaa this is the sexiest payoff everrrr

  2. hahahahaha.. great work ;)

  3. Thank you all, glad you think it was appropriate revenge.