Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Did  any of you know that slavery is back ? oh yeah , back with a big bang. Not only  do i have one slave or two slaves, I have  three.
So , here i am , on one of the very popular sites known  for users in Kuwait. Browsing for the perfect match , for that profile that will capture my attention and make me  go OMG , the man of my  dreams. (Slave ***) . Mmm , i view the profile , i  get an immediate chat request, I indulge. Who wouldn't ?
I hear the words  every woman wished she could hear every day , all the time"I am your slave mistress".
WTH, Me, mistress, wow. I have a slave . Cool. I will prepare my whip.
The slave wants me to humiliate him, spit on him, whip , spank , beat  and lash . You name any form of abuse and he  wants it from me. I was tempted but , No.
Next. not next profile, next slave. More to follow about my date slaves.

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