Monday, November 29, 2010

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WHY does  someone lie on the physical description  they right about themselves (body description), especially if that person is constantly nagging to meet up? Could it be that when he wrote the profile he  did not think that far ahead, or maybe was hoping the lady would be blinded by his charm and wont notice , or simply plain good old fashioned stupidity.
I have not figured an  answer other than the simple fact that everybody lies. Here is a simple dating incident.
Most of the sites in the physical description part ask you to chose , height, wight, etc. Some of them ask a figure  while others have a selection of  words that you chose from.
So here i am going on a date with  Mr. Dater with the following attributes

Athletic (Plz note that there are other options like Average,  ample , a little extra padding, Big and tall )
190 cms (of course there are all the height options you can think of )
Mid tone  (This particular site goes by skin colour , so other options are white, mid tone , dark, black)

I walked into Starbucks and i was  greeted by  someone who is about 175, weighs at least 160 Kgs and is black. I was somewhat shocked, I definitely didn't expect Mr. dater to be short , fat and black.
Don't get me wrong, i am not a racist , i have nothing against fat people or darker skin tone or shorter people. I dont judge people by how they look but am against being lied to. Seriously , did  he think  maybe I wouldn't notice the description was totally different  ?
Anyway, so  he had the guts to ask me "Did  u think i looked like this? ". The man has steel balls, doesn't he ? well, two can play that game. I said "I think you miscalculated your weight perhaps OR mizankom 7`rban , as for the height , a lot of people don't actually know their height " .
He smiled at me , thought i was cute and  funny, till i continued " and your  skin colour is not mid tone, you are as black as possible " . He was shocked or embarrassed maybe. A couple of minutes later i left.

The moral is Truth never kills anyone, lying does.
I know i will say this over and over again; Everybody lies, however, men on dating sites lie more than the average person and think they will get away with it.

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