Friday, November 26, 2010

It's a matter of Trust

The song , Its a matter of trust by  Billy Joe is a  great songs.  I love  it.
(Here is the link , in case you want to listen to it while you continue reading)

Trust is a big issue in life and in dating of course. You need to trust people in order  for them to become credible.  My question is , how long does it take to trust someone, and how does that trust develop between two strangers? Very tricky question . Search no longer for answers. Men on the dating scene have got it figured out.
Apparently you should trust someone for any of the following reasons:
1-  Because they viewed your profile
2-  Because they contacted you
3-  Because they told you  their name, or what kind of car they drive or where they live
4-  If you have met them for coffee

Mr. Dater emailed me back  and forth. Right age group, right marital status, right sense of humor. So, he was eligible for a coffee .
We decided we  were meeting at one of the cafes one evening time . We  had an interesting time, talking about  general things. Interesting to talk to  but not to die for. Then again, we just met , how can i judge based upon an hour of  conversation?
So , walking back to the parking lot to go to my car , he walks me to the car. How sweet, acting like a true gentleman. Very impressive.
He asks me ' what are you doing now?"
Me" Going home  probably watch a movie or do some reading"
Mr. Dater " How about i come watch that movie with you "
Me" No, i don't invite strangers to my house"
Mr. Dater "Strangers . Strangers !!! S T R A N G E R S !!! " (i wish there were sound effects on  the blog so i can make you all hear how that sounded like)- "After  ALL this you are calling me a stranger? How can you ? I am shocked . Shocked AND hurt. You don't trust me after we shared coffee"

Mmm , apparently , i am an untrusting kind of person. Apparently  you are supposed to trust every person in this universe because they have spent an hour chatting with you , or more likely,  because they drink coffee. I guess that's why we have 76 branches of Starbucks in Kuwait. Starbucks is working on improving our trust issue with the over priced coffee. Who would have  known?
Note to Billy Joel : Do modify the words to Its a matter of Starbucks.


  1. 1st thing on my mind... whose paying? hahahaha
    2nd... tell him yeah i trust u.. marry me now ;)

  2. You Know what , i will try that "marry me now" next time i hear the words 'trust me' coming out from a man's mouth.