Wednesday, November 24, 2010

The music man

The music man earned this blog entry  because he was funny and witty. All his email correspondence was  80s  songs. You must agree with me, that is cute .

His first email "honey , honey, sugar , sugar"
I read and i was wondering , why does this seem familiar, it rings a bell . Its the ABBA song. I thought it was a different tagline  and deserved a reply, not just a reply , a musical one, two can play this game . I wanted to reply and say i am not interested in married men,but that would have ruined the music game !

My reply" hello " - Lionel Richie's song
His reply "Take a chance on me " - Beatles song
My reply "Part time lover?"- A Stevie wonder song
His reply"The winner takes it all"- Abba song
My reply "Tragedy"- Bee Gees famous hit
His reply "I wanna know what love is "  - Foreigner song , from the 80s
My reply "Loving you is a dirt job" Tina Turner
His reply "Mamma Mia"- Abba
My reply "Beat it ' M J


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