Saturday, December 18, 2010

Can we say so ?

Copied and pasted from an email from a male reader.

Can We say so?

I was chatting with this lovely young lady last month...ya know, daily general issues trying to read between lines to know each others more.

Few days later, she told me that I'm a great person, but TOO MUCH FOR HER!!!
OK?....(we do use those words when we want to break up "smoothly"....Don't we?!

Surprise was, She asked me if she can introduce me to one of her friends whom is intelligent and has the same interest of mine and whom is SEARCHING my personality type....!!!!!

okay, I replied...networking will kill no one...

.....and I'm glad she did!....The lady she introduced is one of my best friends now and I'm so proud to have one.

My question is, If I say to a woman you're not my type and I want to introduce you to a guy who is, would she say Yes, or she'll be offended and reply with anger "I can handle,and have a long list of admirers waiting, and for the records you were at eh end of the list"???????

I'd love to hear comments from women on your blog too...


  1. it is very weird to introduce someone you had been dating to a friend. Whether you are male or female, i think its just weird. Its different when you set up a friend, someone you did not meet with under the dating umbrella. I would never do that, but thats just me.

  2. u stopped writing? :)