Wednesday, November 24, 2010

My name is Bond, Prada Bond

Ian Fleming is the creator of the famous secret agent  character James Bond AKA 007. However, it seems that men are fascinated by 007 in a whole different context.

On few dating sites (not just one), a lot of men's nickname are an alteration on the famous  secret agent's name. So i am not surprised to see (Ahmad_bond , BondQ8i, JamesBondQ8, Q8-007,Bond-bedoon, NomadBond), these are just examples, there is a longer list. Men associate  Bond / 007 with   strength , smartness, intelligence and of course gadgets. The things men THINK girls like.
 Now, what i don't understand is the relation that somehow developed at some point , without Ian Fleming's knowledge, between 007 and designers. Only on a famous Kuwaiti dating site you see nicknames like (LV-007, BondVersace, Dior007 , GucciBond, Gucci007 & Prada007).
These names are all from one site. Actual nicknames for registered users. It makes me wonder, are  men trying to convey a message to designers that they should be more thrilling, design a more on the edge clothing lines ? Or are they conveying a message to the producers of 007 movies to dress up our favorite agent in European latest fashion because his British designed clothes are boring and classic? Or do these users act like James bond and dress up in Versace & Prada ?
Dying to know.

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