Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Time after time

Received from a Co-dater 

After few weeks of chatting/emails/phone calls , Hamad and I agreed it was time to  meet up . He was a very nice guy with lots of charms. When he suggested to meet up at one of the restaurants in Al Bidea Area  ,  at 730,  i was so excited.
I reached there on time , I don't  like to walk into a place on my own, so i stayed in the car waiting for him to call me when he gets there. Half hour passed and Hamad had not  arrived or answered his phone. I was thinking 'classic' ,  the  guy stood me up . Finally at 8 he called me and said the  he was on the way . Ten minutes later, he was there. We had dinner and he did not bring this 'delay' issue again. No apology offered and no explanation either.
Dinner was fine, he is a good conversationalist, i had a good time.

Few days later, he  asked me for another date . I agreed, he suggested dinner at yet another restaurant in Al Bidea area. Dinner at 8 . " Please don't be late" he said, "I like people who come on time". Seriously? words coming from the guy who kept me waiting for 45 minutes on the first date !
I am always on time, At 8 i was in my car , at the parking lot in front of the restaurant. Same scenario. Hamad is not here and he is not answering his phone .20 minutes later he called and asked me if i was there .
"yes i am THERE, been here for the past 25 minutes'. He said he will be here in ten minutes and he was.
Greeting me with a smile, he said  he lives  in the residential area close by and its less than 5  minutes  drive from his house. Great, so close, yet your always  late, was my comment,
Hamad Smiled and said women don't usually come on time, so its better he comes after i actually reach there . HUH., OK. I am thinking  to myself  " Is that so? PAYBACK is due".
So the third time he asked me out , i told him i wanted to go to this restaurant in Al Kout mall ( as far as  possible from his house).Hamad tried to convince me to change location but i was stubborn as a mule.
8 o'clock, don't be late , he said. In my mind i was thinking "oh no , i wont be late".
So at 815 . i called him and asked where he was . He asked me " did you reach there?" . My reply was "yes, i am , where are you ?" . Hamad said he was getting ready to leave the house, needs about half hour to reach Al kout mall in Fahaheel.
At 9 o'clock, he called me "where are you ? Am here at the Lebanese restaurant". I told him that i went around to look at the shops and i was trying some  blouses. I will be there in few minutes."please go ahead and order, am starving" . I gave him a list of what i want , lots of  food , i was starving.  
Ten minutes later he called me , and he was like the food is here, yalla come .

Hamad was at the restaurant , in Al Kout , staring at food waiting for me and i was sitting in my living room watching TV, I had not made a move from my house in the first place.
Payback  feels good, don't you agree ?


  1. "Payback feels good, don't you agree ?" --> NO :D
    y u do care so much for him! he is a basterd.. retard.. and soo stupid! do i want 2 change who he is?? BIG NO coz i dont fuckin care...
    just he is not the right one so BYE BYE :)
    PAY BACK is usually for ppl who are seeking self confidence or to feel good about themselves after something like this happening! i think u should feel good about yourself from the beginning :)

  2. I bet she was just bored and didnt' have anything else to do at that particular time. Either that or she was willing to put up with him because he was BAGORGEOUS. Been there, done that.

  3. Yes you did correct person should be always on time, time is most important in the life, time never wait for you, you have to wait for time, if some one is serious for looking should be on time for date never be late.

    Remember time never wait for you.............