Thursday, November 25, 2010

More on Online Dating in Kuwait

Received from a co-dater in Kuwait  

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Online Dating in Kuwait

This topic could fill an entire blog by itself.  First, everybody is married or a teenager.  The married guys think it is okay to cheat – even to marry temporary or “official” 2nd wives.  The teenagers believe that age, “aint no thang – just a numba.”   Get used to it.  No one tells the truth.  It’s all games. 

To try to circumvent the married men, the following is an excerpt from my online profile:

Disclaimer: Please - if you are married, just move on. I will find out and I won't be discreet in my displeasure. Love the one your with or divorce and find the one you will.

Disclaimer Subsection A: Definition of "Marriage". The state of being united to a person of the opposite sex as husband or wife in a consensual and contractual relationship recognized by law. This does not pertain to "sleeping in another bedroom"; "having sex with her, but thinking of you"; "she's living with her parents, but we're not divorced yet"; "I'm still married, but I don't have a girlfriend right now".

Disclaimer Sub-Section B: Definition of "Divorced": The action or an instance of legally dissolving a marriage. This means that you actually have a divorce decree (piece of paper) by government/law.

For those guys who have clicked the "single" box, when in fact you are either sub-section A or sub-section B above, I am not interested in meeting you. Refer to disclaimer paragraph 1.

Honestly dudes - how reliable can you be if you already have marital obligations? GET REAL. Get divorced. Get on with it.
I have had different profiles on different online dating sites.  What I have found is that the same guys are on most of the sites as well – also with different profile names.  The pool is small.  Some of my girlfriends who are online exchange information with me about the same guys we have dated over the years.

I know of a western woman who got married to a” single Kuwaiti” man she met online.  He’s not Kuwaiti, and married with 9 children.  It was love, they got married anyways.  One of my friends also met him online (supposedly several years before his wife met him) and said that dude was looking for a western wife.  She also said that he couldn’t keep his hands to himself (or that he did actually put his hands on himself when not on her).  Ew

I have caught my friends’ boyfriends searching for women online (and brought it to friends’ attention) and I once dated a Kuwaiti guy who turned out to be my friend’s x-husband (although we think they were still together when I dated him).  It is a small world.

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