Friday, November 26, 2010

4 for the price of one

From my favorite co-dater

Ku- wait-a-minute! dating

4 for the price of one (1)

One time, my galpal and I were driving down the street.  We looked over and a guy was smiling at us; which might have been fine, but his wife and his 2 kids were also in the car.  He proceeded to follow us all the way home, trying to give us his phone number! 

4 for the price of one (2)

On a related note, I was at the gas station a few years ago and a bearded dude pulled up to the pump across from me.  He had 3 women in the car wearing niqab.  He smiled and tried to talk to me,  much to the dismay (apparently) of the 3 veiled women.  I asked him, “Hey, isn’t 3 women enough?” and he replied, “No, and you are beautiful” with a big smile.  I burned rubber outa there.

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