Sunday, November 28, 2010

The Perfect Nickname

One of the most challenging tasks  is  coming up with a nickname on a dating site.  The nickname says something about you and might very well determine whether someone will view your profile or not. Its the first impression you leave on someone browsing hundreds of nicknames.
A problem that you may encounter is that probably all good nicknames are taken, especially on a popular site. Another problems is that maybe, just maybe ,you are not that smart or creative to come up with a name that leaves a good impression.
The following nicknames  are copied  from one of the dating sites. I didn't edit any or make up any of these nicknames.

Jeekar-bedoun (what are the chances of meeting someone of you are stateless & ugly?)
VivaNotZain (Thanks for the info, I did not know that Viva is not Zain)
Moot3a-200Kd (Very straightforward, المختصر المفيد )
28611011014XX  (The number on the site  did not have the XXs, it was an actual civil ID number)
HotManWayed (  he Hot dude is warning ladies so they know they will be getting a lot of you know what )
3elch (Really , you couldn't think of anything else to represent you ? علج )
M3boochKuwaiti (He must have been having lunch when he was creating his profile)
NBK-CBK (The only place where the two banking giants of Kuwait will exist together is on a dating site)
Qabee7Gedann ( قبيح جدا ... الله يعينك )
ModeerFa7al مدير فحل) -يا ترا بشهاده منو ؟)
Sayrti-Aqsa6 (My car is on installments)- In case any of the ladies out there wants to help with the aqsa6
Madyon-Sa3deeni (A real Cry for help, In debt, help me)
Zooj-al-thalatha (Married twice obviously and looking for lucky number 3)
888666 (This is KFC's home delivery number. The Dude works there or is doing ambush marketing for KFC)
ElvisIsAlive (Thank God Elvis is Alive. All these years i had my doubts).
7azeen7eel (داش الموقع ينكد علي العالم)
Dawa-Ca7a (A cry for help I wonder if is feeling better now )
VeryShort (What is very short ? The man , or the tool?)
CoolGay (I think he meant CoolGuy )
MarinaFM (Another form of ambush marketing. I think Marina FM should pay him for the free ad)
DontTrustMen (The advice is coming from a man, need I say more?)
Uff-Mabee ( ليش داش عيال  اذا مالك خلق)


  1. i think to be somehow fair... u should give post on female nicknames ;) so we compare... like if some girl put (panadola) then (dawa-ca7a) is good match (in nicknames world)... :)

  2. Great idea. We would love to see a post on female nicknames. Maybe you can suggest matches based upon nicknames similarities

  3. Iwould have loved to be able to view female profiles and see what they write on their profiles and what names they select. Most dating sites dedicated for the Middle East do not allow same gender viewing( i think they do not want to encourage homosexuality).
    However, to be fair, i will create a profile for research purposes to do a blog post on female nicknames. Stay tuned.

  4. LMAO...That was FUNNY!!!