Saturday, November 27, 2010

The web cam affair

I don't know about you, but I don't use webcam. I don't switch mine on, and i don't accept video calls even if they were from Oprah Winfrey. There are  a lot of freaks out there and i don't like to take any chances. No offence Oprah.
That being said , i am not a "معقدة" kind of person. I just believe that a photo is as good as a webcam to get to know how the other person looks like. You want to know more, meet the person up and get the real live feed.
On the dating scene , there are these men who are  all about webcam. As soon as someone ads you to their messenger , the first words that they type is "Do you have a webcam?'.
The answer to that question is very tricky. If you say No, well the messenger shows that u have a webcam (which is very stupid of  MSN)  and basically you are caught lying. If you say Yes, then of course "switch your cam on" is the next sentence that you will see  appearing on your chat window from  your chat partner.
The well mannered person in me tries to always be nice and to assume that not everyone who wants to use a webcam is a pervert sitting in their underwear. So i say " i do have a webcam, but i don't think that's the way to know a person, we can chat and if we get along, we meet up for coffee somewhere"
At that point, Mr. Chatter will respond with "انتي معقده منو يتزوجج مدام ابسط شي ما تبين تسوينه" "ترا انا ماقولج تعالي طلعي وياي كلها كام " .
This Scenario has happened so many times that its enough for me to call it a phenomenon. If you don't open your webcam to chatters , immediately you are diagnosed with Webcam Rex, you are officially a psychopath and closed minded . You will never ever date or marry and  you will miss your chance on becoming a porn movie star with tens of Youtube videos. That's something i will  live to  regret, or maybe not.

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