Sunday, November 28, 2010


Although this blog is about dating, and this following story doesn't really qualify as a dating incident but I just had to share it.
A friend of mine visited me today , after returning from Hajj.  I have to say this, my friend is a  lady in her 50s and she is veiled and a very well covered up lady. This introduction is essential  so that you can grasp the shock i had after she told me.
Time: During Hajj
Place : One of the cities where some of the Hajj rituals take place
Victim: Dr. H
Victim #2 : Lady N
 Dr. H is in a taxi, in one of the religious cities in KSA, and she gets in and tells the driver her destination. the taxi driver her tells her the following "طيعيني و اعطيج 30 ريال "
My friend is speechless.  30 Riyals, come on dude. During Hajj ? WTH ??
Dr. H goes back to her hotel room and  tells the story to one of the ladies in her hotel . Lady N has the biggest smile on her  and  tells her " I was offered 100 Riyals from my taxi driver, your cheap".

Pepper spray would have been so appropriate  or perhaps a taser applied  on a very sensitive  body organ.

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