Friday, December 3, 2010

The other side of dating

Received from a MALE co-dater ( great,  for a change not all stories are from females ) , men too have stories to tell . Posted As is.

100% TRUE!

Mona sent me a “flower” on one of dating sites….a virtual flower with an “I’m interested” comment. I like ladies who take first moves, why not if she trusts herself?
We chatted for a few days; she was nice, smart, educated with sense of humor. She said she was looking for only a friend, and she was sick of men always asking for sex and talking about nothing but sex..and explained how much she felt comfortable talking to me since I’m “different”!!!
One night, She sent me a msg asking me to call her urgently if I can, I did and she was crying…She told me that she met someone, his name was Jasem, a Pilot ( why most men are Pilots on dating sites), and she loves the hell out of him….he told her LATER he is married with 2 kids…and was asking for some time to settle his family issues and come back to her to live happily forever…( typical BS story from Jasem).....

To cut the story short, I believed her ...and was acting like a TRUE FRIEND…and told her many times I’ll be there for her whenever she needs me….Being THAT friend whom supposed to be a good listener, and strong shoulder to rely on, my advice was to let him go, and I told her he is a liar and Bshitting, but she kept telling me (msgs, Emails) how sad she was…,Jasem is not returning my calls, Jasem went to Dubai, I miss Jasem….blah blah blah

A few days later, I was surprised she sent me her Pic without asking her, a cute beautiful baby face with a sexy body…and asked me for mine in return…RED FLAG!...I called her and said I don’t send my pics to anyone, and If she wants to see me, Starbucks is always there…she was like PLEAAAASSSE…….And, guess what…I sent her one!

Next day, I received the following msg from her “ I’m free tonight….If you want an erotic massage, it’ll cost you 40 KD for 2 hours, plus you pay for TAXI!.....

DUH!!!!....why should I pay for the Taxi too???...LOL

The moral is, Prostitutes are on dating sites too…


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  2. I look forward to getting more stories from male readers.

  3. LOOOL @ why most men are Pilots on dating sites..
    How come I don't come across pilots!!!!

    Seems like he was more bothered that he had to pay for the taxi and not the 40KD!

  4. I cam accross a lot of pilots too, all false of course. I work in an airline company and i satrt asking them some flying information and then they go crazy and try to get out of answering. A pilot does not need to date online, thats for sure.

  5. its the equivalent of the american FIREMAN