Friday, December 3, 2010

There will be blood

We had been  chatting for weeks, on and off.  Mr. Dater was not the creepy type (which is very rare ), Intelligent, smart, well -read   and has a very strong personality . He says he believes in women's role in society and  he supports women in every  possible way . Perfect .

We decide to meet up for dinner  one evening. "where would you prefer to go ?:" .I  am very easy to please when it comes to food, i can eat anything anywhere. "Your choice, am flexible", i  said.
We agreed to have dinner at a famous steak  restaurant.  I arrived in time, and he was there on time.  So far , so good.
The smiley waitress comes to hand the menus. He  asked me if I would like him to  order for me , and i said I  prefer to order myself since i know what i want anyway, you can never go wrong with Steak Au Poivre. I told the  waitress  my order and she said "ma'am  you want that well done ?" , I replied "medium rare". the waitress said but madam that will be pink from the inside.  I said that i did know that , and that's what i will  be having. Thanks for your concerns but i love my steak  medium rare.
My Dater placed his order then the waitress left.  I was looking at my mobile phone and when i lifted my  face up , Mr. Dater was staring at me , with a weird crooked smile on his face he said "women should not eat food   that  rough cowboys eat". HUH, WTH  was this all about , He continued saying  "maybe you should reconsider your choice, women are delicate creatures, perhaps some juice in their steak is not appropriate, women are not vampires".
At this point i was finding this very amusing and very funny  . So i gave him my  best smile ever and i said " what can i say, I love some blood in my meat, perhaps i was a vampire in a past life OR maybe i am  a vampire in this life". He gave me this icy  stare  and said "You are not funny".  (Moron, of course am funny, you , however are  a control freak)
The food came, we ate in silence and he did not look once at me. I had this urge to leave but I was gonna have my pinky bloody cowboy steak even  if the sky collapsed over my head.
After that Steak dinner we  never spoke to each other again.

The moral of the story : If you like your steak medium rare,  control freaks  might think you are a vampire.


  1. Hey There!

    I stumbled across your blog from the link to the post that you left on Mark's (248am) blog. I dont normally post on blogs but I read this first post and almost fell off my chair laughing. I continued on reading and I have to say your stories are both hilarious and really intriguing. As a guy (expat) from Canada, living here in Kuwait, the whole dating culture here seem quite unique compared to back home.

    I cant beleive some of the experiences you have had! Especially hearing about how some of the guys go about dating here. Showing up late for a date? Come on thats the cardinal rule, always be on time! And really "woman are not vampires", he didnt really say this did he?

    Keep the stories coming!!


  2. Amar,
    Thank you for reading and thank you for commenting. Yes, i was called a vampire for the mere reason that my date thought it was a bloody way to eat my steak.

    I will continue posting stories and if you have anything to share shoot me an email.

    Happy reading.

  3. what if u invite him to a lebanses rest. and order (kobbe naieeh) --> !!!

  4. Thats absolutely hilarious! Omg did he really do that? what nationality was he? not that it matters!

  5. Yes, he did. I wonder what he would have said if i had ordered it rare.

  6. omg what a friggin idiot haha. i looove you for saying that to him.
    medium rare steaks for life. <3