Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Habibti Mariam

Well, this is definitely not something you usually see written in  a dating profile .

A gentleman has this written in his bio:
I am only here for my Habibtii Mariam. Always and forever my soul mate and LOVE OF MY LIFE! About me:
About me :
My Habibtii Mariam has my heart, mind and soul. She is my Master, and I am her Master. When we are together magic happens.
         I'm looking for:
She knows who she is. And she is smiling :-) She is my perfect match and I will never let her go.
Relationship status:  In a relationship ( Relationship with Mariam, I assume)
The question is if  Mr. Dater and Mariam have hooked up, why  is his profile still on the dating site ?

Explanation # 1 :Maybe this is his  way to tell the world that online dating actually works, and you can find your soul mate , the love of your life, never ending love,etc,etc,etc.

Explanation # 2: Mr. Dater and Mariam maybe need to spice up their life a little and want some extra curriculum action .

Note to Mariam : I  hope you know that you have this head over heels admirer and that  he isn't some Internet stalker. I wish i could read your profile, if you have one ,to see if this is mutual.

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  1. Guys point of view: His extraordinary love is only temporarily, trust me.