Wednesday, December 8, 2010

How to spot a married dater

I was chatting with a gentleman today who told me about his dating  experience. He had dated a lady for 9 months before she came clean and told him that she was married. Nine months, yes. I don't know how she could  pull that off .

This post is intended to  give you some help on how to spot if the person  your dating is 'really' single or if he /she has a wife or husband at home.

If he /she never answers your calls, but always makes a point of calling you  back
If he /she carry more than one  phone, and  you have only  a number for only one of the phones
if he /she makes a point when you meet to meet up in an area as far as possible from where they  live
if he/she never calls you when they are actually at home  but   call you when they are in the car or at work,
If he /she switches the phone off when they are home
If he /she avoids appearing in a crowded  public place with you
If he /she  insists on having meals in restaurants with private cabins
if he /she always always puts you on hold to take a  call waiting, but  never answers you when they are on  another call
If he /she doesn't call or meet up on weekends or public holidays
If  he  asks you not  to wear make up when you meet up (just in case it smears his dishdasha or shirt)
If he/she disconnects the call abruptly in the middle of conversation and  does not call you back right away

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