Saturday, December 4, 2010

The honest truth

A  REAL conversation that took place between a female i know and a guy that she chatted with.
Mr.Dater chatted with my friend for sometime, and she thought  he is OK.  He asked her for her phone number, and she gave it to him. My friend is an American , and Mr. Dater is a German, not that nationalities matter .
Mr. Dater calls my friend and after the greetings that lasted maybe less than a minute the  following conversation took place:

Mr. Dater: Would you like to meet up for coffee ?
My friend : Sounds good.
Mr. Dater : Perhaps coffee then we can have sex ?
My friend  laughs and says : Noooo (she  thinks he is joking )
Mr. Dater : Perhaps Lunch then we can have sex ?
My friend , laughing : Nooooo (she  still thinks he is joking )
Mr. dater : Maybe dinner then sex ?
My friend : NOOOO
Mr. Dater : Perhaps just sex then ?
At that point my friend realised that Mr. Dater is not joking. I assume she still said no .

The moral of the story is; Germans  are great , very  serious & straightforward. When a German asks you if you want to have sex, he is not joking.

No offence  intended to any nationality .

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