Wednesday, December 1, 2010

A man with special needs

The below is  from a users profile on a  dating site for mesyar marriage. For those of you who are reading and don't know what mesyar is , it is a form of marriage where a man  goes to the lady every now and then, they don't live together, he is not supporting her, he is not responsible for any expenses  and when they divorce, she doesn't have any rights.
Usually both parties who get into this are  looking for a purely sexual relationship.

Read and weep , or read and laugh, depending on how sad or funny you may find this.
I have kept the text in Arabic , this is a copy and paste from the profile.

أدور واحده ترضي بالمسيار . لا تكون راعية مشاكل و نكد. تكون ما تسمع اغاني و لا تطالع التلفزيون و لا  تطلع من البيت  و تكون ساكنه في بيت اهلها  . المهم انها  ما تطلع  و لو تكون فيها شلل رباعي  يكون افضل المهم يكون عندها القدره علي الممارسه الجنسيه و ما تحتاج عنايه او يكون عندها خدامة تساعدها.
اللي تروح السوق و تطلع لا تراسلني

The translation of the above text:  i want to marry mesyar style, someone who is not into creating problems and drama, she should not listen to music , watch TV or go out. She should be living with her family . The most important thing is that she doesn't leave the house, Its even better if  she is a quadriplegic as long as she can have sex. If you are into going out to the malls, don't email me. 

 So, the dude wants to  make sure his wife is a stay home wife, to the extent that he prefers her to be a quadriplegic  as long as she can & will have sex.


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