Sunday, June 12, 2011

Thor - The movie

Thor,  another marvel comics movie, was available in the cinemas across  the country in 3-d.

So, my date, was  an ex-diplomat. I must say, extremely well mannered on the phone and with a very high adherence to protocol, after all he was a diplomat in Britain.

Mr. Dater being the very thoughtful person that he is, am not sarcastic, asked me  when we would meet . I was looking forward to meeting him since he had all these amazing funny stories. He was great conversationalist . We agreed on going out for dinner. Which we did, and I had a great time. Mr. Sweet Dater suggested that we do one of my two favorite things, either we go to the cinema or go  to the chocolate bar. That is an offer i cant refuse and being the movie/cinema buff that i am , i chose we go to the cinema.

We went to the movie, Thor in 3-D. I did ask him before we went in if cinema was  his thing and the response was "of course darling, i love movies. I go to the cinema  ALL the time".

We booked our seas and went in, we were handed those silly glasses for the 3-D films.
The movie started . "Oh this is a kids movie " Mr. Dater said. "No, its a marvel comics movie" was my response. Seconds later , he went on, "You know who the actor looks like ?", " he looks like Muhanad , that Turkish actor". I said that  he was right and the actor does really look like him.
The movie was about 15 minutes on when he started fidgeting like a 5 year old , " So you like movies",
"Whats your favorite movie ? " he asked.  I said  i can write him a list of my favorite movies and send it to him by e-mail if he needs some recommendations.
Few more minutes went by then Mr. Dater  said "When is the intermission ? is there no break in the movie ?" . I politely and very calmly said no, there wasn't . They stopped intermissions in the cinemas few years ago.
After few minutes he went on, "When i was 12 , I travelled on my own for two weeks. I had a great time. When was the first time you travelled on your own ?"
In my head this voice  is telling me this is a total waste of a good movie. I might as well just stop watching and indulge in conversation. I  politely told him that we can actually leave the cinema and we did not  have to watch. He was relieved at the suggestion. 

Dragging my self out of the chair and staring back at the handsome Thor with his muscular biceps and triceps, i walked out of that theater. Bummer.

A week later Mr. Dater called me and was so excited to announce to me that they are releasing Scream 4 in the cinemas . He  asked me "When are we going ?", Of course the answer was never.

The moral of the story is 'do not ruin a good movie by going to watch it on a date'.if someone hasn't been to the cinema in the past few years, they are not cinema -date material. 

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  1. While reading it, my heart was pounding as if something very weird is going to come up but it did not. Good for the senses. Well critically seen the guy was more interested in physical interaction and hopeful of getting through. One can laugh about it really how stupid we (the men) are !!!