Friday, March 25, 2011

The exorcist & Gadget Suicide

The exorcist, 1973 horror movie, which i havent seen. Why ?  Coz i get scared shit from horror movies, horror stories, ghost stories, supernatural things in general. I havent seen a horro movie nor woulr do so in any stage of my life.

So ,  here is the story. This Mr. Dater seemed nice and very well read. Its good to hang out with someone who does know how to carry a conversation about something other than cars, stocks and Bokhoor

We agreed we will  meet up for lunch, and he insisted he picks me up like a true gentleman. How sweet!

He picked me up and started driving and  said i will have to trust him. He is gonna take me to this small joint that serves Thai food downtown. Fine, am all up for trying new things. We reached the restaurant,  the set up was not fancy but food was good and different . Mr. Dater kept talking  about different subjects then finally I opened up about the Gadget Suicide.
Gadget suicide is when u intend to change one of your appliances then strange enough, the one that you currently have mysteriously stops working, as if it got to know your wicked intention of  getting rid of it.

Mr. Dater who was sitting across the table, asked  if it was OK for him to come sit next to me. Mmm creepy perhaps ? well, before i even had time to respond, there he was , next to me. He said he trusts me so much after me telling him about gadget suicide. He now can trust me and tell me about his own supernatural experience. I was sitting there, dumbfounded. I hope he isn't gonna tell me he has seen a ghost  coz that's gonna scare the hell out of me.
I said "  you know, i am not a fan of hearing stories about ghost sightings or anything of the sort.  I get scared easily".
He replied " Oh no, you will have to get used to my stories coz i have so many of them. I have been possessed and got cured  and now  am practising to become an E X O R C I S T".
All i could think was  WHAT THE F ***!
Needless to say, without further ado, i  said i have this horrible  headache  and i wanted to go home right now, we left. On the way home , I couldn't speak a word. I was so happy to reach home.

The moral of the story is if someone sounds so intellectual and well read, he might be possessed by a demon.


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  2. Funny indeed! Personally, I am not crazy for horror stories ,but being a film buff I try not to miss out classy movies including those with supernatural themes. But once you told somebody of your aversion to horror stuff, that person should be prudent enough not to play spoilsport. In this case the guy must be mentally sick despite intellectual pretensions !